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Name : Vulcan Owners club Belgium.

Legal form : non-profit association, abbreviated : V.Z.W.

Seat : Leopoldsburg.

Object Act: creation.

From a deed under private seal of 1-12-2004 shows that

Nouwen Marcel, Koningsstraat 28, 3970 Leopoldsburg, born in Lommel on 08-06-1955

Siwinski Hary, Ernest Claeslaan 5, 3550 Zolder, born in Heusden on 30-05-1950

Wagemans Beatrice, Koningsstraat 28, 3970 Leopoldsburg, born in La Louvieré on 14-06-1955

Have set up a non-profit organization named Vulcan Owners Club.

On the first general meeting, the following articles of association were approved.

Article 1: The association bears the name Vulcan Owners Club Belgium, abbreviated V.O.C.B. This name must always be preceded or followed by the words " non- profit organization" or the abbreviation "v.z.w." . Also the abbreviation v.z.w. V.O.C.B. may be used.

Article 2: The association is based in Leopoldsburg, Koningsstraat 28,3970 Leopoldsburg, judicial district Hasselt.

Article 3: The association aims to: organizing tours and events.

Article 4: The association was established for an indefinite period.

Article 5: The signed founders are the first members to the association. Any person who possesses a Kawasaki Vulcan can join as a member. The number of members is not limited, but should be no less than three.

Article 6: The yearly membership fee for members and joined members is determined at a general meeting and this with the consent of the members present, but this is fixed at a maximum of 100 euro’s.

Article 7: Each member is automatically resigning when he or she is no longer in possession of a Kawasaki Vulcan engine. Each member can at all times leave the association.

Article 8: The membership includes acceptance of the statutes and of the rules, and not to harm the interests of the association or one of its bodies.

Article 9: The association is governed by a board of directors of at least three directors, acting as a college. They are appointed by a general meeting and are at any time by this removable. They practice their mandate without any cost , unless the general meeting decides otherwise.

Article 10: The directors are appointed for a term of one year and may be re-elected. So when he resigns, or dismissal, expiry of term, the number of directors has fallen back to below the legal minimum, the directors will remain in office until they are replaced.

Article 11: The board of directors shall meet by convening by the president or if at least one- third of the members so desire. The president convenes the board of directors, as often as the interests of the association require so, the convocation letter contains the agenda.

Article 12: Each meeting begins with at least half of the board of directors and with reading the report of the previous meeting. After the listing of any comments, the report is signed and registered by the president, secretary and treasurer in the appropriate registry.

Article 13: The board of directors adopts its house rules. In the board of directors the simple majority of the present directors decides, in case of equality of votes, the vote of the president is decisive.

Article 14: The general meeting met regularly represents all members, its decisions also apply to members who do not vote or vote against. The general meeting may by a simple majority of votes to delegate its powers to the board of directors, except when it concerns changing the statutes and the approval of budgets and accounts, the voluntary dissolution of the association and the exclusion of a member.

Article 15: The general meeting is convened by the board of directors whenever the purpose or importance of the association so requires. It must be convened at least once a year to approve the bills, the budget and the policy of the directors. In addition, the directors have the obligation to convene the general meeting whenever requested by at least two-thirds of the members , indicating the agenda, within one month after the submission of the request to the board. When this request is not met, then the applicants are entitled to organize their own meeting. All members must be called at least eight days before the meeting. This happens by delivering the agenda in an ordinary letter. The meetings take place on the location that is indicated in that letter.

Article 16: All members have equal voting rights, one vote per member. There cannot be voted by proxy. The agenda shall be fixed by the board, the meeting cannot change the articles of association, if this change is not mentioned in the agenda and if two-thirds of the voting members don’t agree.

Article 17: The board of directors leads the business of the association and represents this in and out of court. He is responsible for all matters, with the exception of those who are reserved by law to the general meeting.

Article 18: The financial year of the association runs from the 1st of January to the 31st December. At the end of each financial year the board of directors closes the accounts of the past year, and makes the planning for the following year. These are submitted for approval to the annual shareholders ' meeting. The positive balance increases the ability of the association and can under no circumstances be distributed to the members.

Article 19: If the event is abolished, the assets, after discharging the debt will be transferred to charity. The general meeting will indicate which charity the liquidation balance will be transferred.

Article 20: For everything that is not expressly regulated, is the law of the 27th of June 1921, or the legislation that would replace this law after the foundation of the association, the general provisions, applicable, the household rules and practices in this field.


The first directors of the association are appointed:

President: Nouwen Marcel           Secretary: Siwinski Hary          Treasurer: Wagemans Beatrice


Translation: Rita & Ronny

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