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These products can be ordered by Email

Large badge

Large badge in the colours of the V.O.C.B.

Only for members.

After one year member

Small badge

Small badge with the logo of the V.O.C.B.

For free at each membership.

For non-members, price € 5.


Our sweater in the colour black,

with the logo of the V.O.C.B..

The size from S tot XXL.

With on the sleeves the text Vulcan Owners Club.

Price € 40.


Black t'shirt

Size XXL.

With an Vulcan engine print on the front.

Price € 7.50.


Black quality Zip-Hood

Size XS. to XXL.

Price € 45.

T-shirt long sleeves

T-shirt long sleeves with 

green KAWASAKI-print.

Sizes available up to XXL.

T-shirt with engine and on the sleeves 

the VUlCAN RIDERS-print.

Price € 15

Club jacket

Clubjacket in black (waterproof)

Front with V.O.C.B. badge

Only for members.

Price € 55.


Splendid leather belt

Size from 80cm.up to 115cm.

With a loop you can change

Price € 25


Cap with adjustable closure.

Price is 7,5 euros.


Beautiful pin in the colours of the V.O.C.B.

With 2 fastenings on the back.

Price € 5.

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