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The v.o.c.b. has every interest in the fact, that all rides that they organize, happen in the first place in a safe, smooth and an enjoyable way. To pursue this objective, internal regulations are made. These should be taken into account by anyone. The board may impose a penalty, for security reasons, to interested persons who disregard these rules or violate them.


  • The region heads organize the club rides of the season, in consultation with the board. 
  • The official club rides, listed as "VOCB ride" are only accessible for Vulcan riders.
  • The region heads will continue to ride at the head of the group , and be recognizable by a fluo safety vest (green or orange), this also applies to the last biker.
  • Only in exceptional cases can this be changed, and there will be a substitute appointed to drive a head.
  • Each motorcyclist must be in possession of his valid documents , and the engine must also be technically okay.
  • Each motorcyclist in the group must adhere to the applicable traffic rules.
  • The collection and departure hours are strictly observed, only in special cases one will allow a deviation e.g. after telephone contact.
  • Before the ride starts, a short briefing will be held on the course of the ride, e.g. mileage, stops and others.
  • Always make sure that your fuel tank is filled, if you arrive at the meeting point.
  • We always ride related (brick wise) and keep a safe distance with your predecessor (6 m.).
  • We only ride behind each other in exceptional cases, e.g. bad lines or narrow roads.
  • In the event of failure of a motorcycle in the group, the next motorcyclist connect as soon as possible, in order to bridge the gap.
  • At a larger group (+ 25 motors) there will be more people wearing a safety vest, this to promote safety in the group.
  • For larger groups (+ 25 motors), we use road captains, they are also recognizable by the safety vests with inscription "wegkapitein" only they are allowed to block the road. Please note that they pass you several times during the trip, so give them priority. Road captains are appointed by the board at the start of the ride.
  • The road captains must respect the public road regulations, they never close the roads where there are traffic lights. At dangerous riding in the group by the road captain the board can impose a penalty to the person concerned and deprive his task as road captain.
  • In case of bad luck, the group will further help the injured party as far as possible. An additional breakdown insurance is no frivolous luxury.
  • Excessive alcohol and drug abuse or sign of intoxication, is strictly prohibited. The board may at any time remove the person concerned from the group.
  • New members are at their first stage informed about driving in group. The board may assign the new members a place within the group. New members have to adjust in the group at all times when riding, it is asked of them that they can follow and that they respect the safety rules.
  • The board is not responsible for any accidents, theft of or damage to the motorcycle.
  • At wantonness or nuisance vis-à-vis third the board can at all times impose a penalty to the person concerned and possibly submit a removal from the club.
  • In dangerous situations gestures, or characters will be used, which everyone should take in account. 
  • The most common signs are :

    - extending hand = danger, obstacle on the road.

    - squeezing hand = direction pointer is on.

    - hand up and down = danger, slow down.

    - hand above head = stopping point or tank place.

  • At official tours and events of the club only logos (large badge on the back) of the Vulcan owners club are allowed, other logos of M.C. and such will not be tolerated. 
  • Events organized by the V.O.C.B. must be paid on the proposed date. He/she who participates in an event should deposit the amount on the bank account number of the club or pay to the treasurer. One is just registered to an event if the requested amount is paid. If there is still place after the date for non-members, they can register until it is fully booked.
  • At the time of booking and payment, cancellation is not possible anymore, unless in exceptional cases and after obtaining the consent of the board.
  • Members who by accident, illness or old age will no longer be able to ride their motorcycle can remain a member with the approval of the board of the V.O.C.B..He/she will get a status of an honorary member and can participate in all the activities and events of the club if the annual membership fee is paid.


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