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The emergence of the V.O.C.B.-VRA.

Since there existed already in the surrounding countries, such as the Netherlands and further away, VOCB clubs, the idea of some Vulcan riders arose in 1998 to start here in Belgium also a Vulcan club.

First of all we made contact with Kawasaki Belgium, to see if there was already a club with the name 'Vulcan Owner's Club Belgium'. When we heard that this was not the case we decided to switch the light to green to gladden Belgium also with a VOCB.

Marc Nouwen, Pierre Deloof an Marc Friet sat round the table to assemble ideas and from this VOCB emerged.

First Marc Nouwen provided for the statutes, Pierre took care of the contacts with Wallonia and Marc Friet took care of all the printing work and he designed the clublogo.

To make ourselves known to the broad, motorriding public, we got invited by Kawasaki Belgium in spring of 1999 to put up a stand at the car/motorbike fair in Brussels. Our goal was to meet as many Vulcan Bikers as possible, and we may conclude that this was a succes.

Very soon the number of members was growing and there was a lot of work to be done.

When the motorseason started, the club had already about fourty members, spread all over the country. We had already found an appropriate meetingpoint which could function as a club house: "Den Tempel" (The Temple) in Leopoldsburg. All the rides organized by the club, started from this location. There were appointments made with the other riders that we picked up along the way and meanwhile the number of riders from Flanders was growing.

In September we organized our first Vulcan meeting with the aim to gather all the Vulcan riders. In spring of 2000 a general statutory meeting of members was held from which a national board was chosen. As we were represented in all Flemish provinces, there was opted to work with regional representatives. Our Vulcan regional rides emerged from this and they are still being organized today.

The VOCB organizes besides the rides also other activities, such as visits to different meetings, the annual Vulcan meeting, the club barbecue and the club weekends. All these activities together, makes it such that each year we can present a well-filled calender to our members. We are also keeping in contact with foreign Vulcan clubs, and hope to meet them in the future.

The VOCB publishes three clubmagazines annually with news from the happenings of the club and lots of information for the benefit of our members.

We also have our own website through which you can skim and it is packed with information about the ins and outs of the VCOB.

We hope that this brief description about our club is satisfactory and we hope to have caught your attention..


The board.

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